Monday, December 5, 2016

24 days till Christmas: Advent calendar for grown-ups

Suomenkielinen versio löytyy täältä: Arpakalenteri

So as usual, I did this on the last day of November, and for that reason this easy-diy-calendar is coming a little "too late".
But don't worry! As this is more to adults than kids, you can still do it, and have all 5 presents in ONE day! ;)

So as we didn't want the usual chocolade calendars, nor Legos, we decided to fill our tree with tickets! Incredebly easy and simple! Here's couple of tips how you can make a calendar like this.

First phase is same for all of these: Buy 24 scratch and win -tickets.

·        **  Take 24 refridgeator magnets. Put tickets to your fridges door in order.

·       **  If your fridge has chalkboard paint (like ours), you can even mark these days with boxes.

·       **  Use washi-tape to make a tree to your wall. Tape tickets to trees "brances" in a way 24 tickets will look good.

·       **  Put wire to your wall/doorway/curtainrod and with the help of clothespins, attach 24 tickets to hang.

·       **  Put 24 tickets to a beautiful jar. Draw one ticket per day.

·      **  Using pins, put 24 tickets hanging in to your curtains.

And.. Now... How we did our own! You will need…
…spear wood for branches and frame

…couple of nails (nails, no screws!)

…old wallpapers /craft papers / gift wraps

…ribbon and 24 clothesspins

…glue, siccors and a pen

This took about 3 hours.

Make (or tell your husband to make) an tree, that stands on table. It doesn't really matter what color it is, as in the next phase you will cover your wood with paper.

Cut suitable pieces from your papers. Glue them to your tree (daa!).

It's a cute decoration piece as it is, but we wanted to use it as calendar (which can be used as a deco on Christmas Eve using balls and stuff).

Slip 24 clothespins to ribbon. Use these to attach tickets.
Spin ribbon over the tree.

Tadaa, it's ready!

First ticket was a winning combination. Great start!

Enjoy your December!

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