Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shoebox here, shoebox there

Suomenkielinen versio löytyy täältä: Mööpelin matkassa - säilytä kevyesti

As most of you know, we're going to move out from Finland. No, we don't have jobs or home there where we are heading - yet. We just want to discover what life has to offer for us. So, we're hopping on in to our RV... Before that, we need do adjust some things in life and sell most of our stuff, and replace some of our stuff with less heavy and more compact versions.

So, a while ago we refashioned some shoeboxes to look nicer, as those are really light and easy to use as storage boxes.

You will only need: shoeboxes (or other cardboard boxes that can be used as storagebox), leftover wallpapers, brush and some glue (with water, it's more liquid like when mixed up with water).

Toughest part for me was picking up "the right wallpaper", as I do have a lot of these.
Gluing should be done straight to wallpaper BEFORE you cut it, so your piece wont be too small. Do it as you would wrap a gift.

Put glue to that side of the box you're going to glue. Glue needs to be evenly, as if you're going to just dump it somewhere there, it won't look pretty and it will be visible through paper. Especially thinner papers will shrink, and all these lines and mistakes are going to show up.

Cut paper along sides, or fold a little inside. I folded box about 1cm inside, but with box cover I just cutted it along the line, as when you are using this cover, folding could get loose within time.

You could add some lace or pearls to these if you like, I left these bare as I think these wallpapers don't need any decorations.

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