Friday, August 26, 2016

Fixing RV with dc-fix // Vaunun fixausta -fixillä

Suomenkielinen versio löytyy täältä: DC-fix, tuo ihmeiden tekijä 

So we really want to make this RV to look like it's ours. We decided to do something for kitchen counter and for all other levels there is, and for that reason, we bought DC-fix. A lot.

We tryed to clean up these counters but nothing worked for them (and I really did scrub..) so this kind of was the only option.

Kitchen area BEFORE

So, first things first, we measured all the counters and went shopping. We decided to take this gray DC-fix for counters. This project took about 2 rolls, other 90cm wide and other 60cm wide.

Dining area BEFORE
It was pretty easy, we had some issues with corners, but if you don't look them too closely, they look "pretty ok". ;)

Kitchen AFTER
Kitchen counter was done with one 90cm wide piece.

For dining table we used two 60cm wide pieces.

The rest of them we used in various places, like nightstand and shelves behind dining area.

That's it! Cost: almost nothing, Time: couple of hours. :)

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